Corporate  Clients

At Nevins Taxis we understand that professional companies need professional support. Our specialised corporate services allow us to provide that support effectively and efficiently.      


Open A Corporate Account

Our Corporate clients have the option of opening a corporate account with us. Having a Corporate  Account allows you to easily arrange transportation for clients and employees, take care of airport pick-ups and drop-offs, parcel delivery, last minute rush document deliveries or any other unique transportation needs your business may have. With a corporate account, you will receive an itemised monthly bill. A Visa/Credit Card payment option is also available on request on pre-booked journeys.

E-mail us at to open your Corporate Account with us today and join the growing list of local businesses that rely on Nevin's Taxi daily to get their customers, staff and parcels delivered safely and promptly.

Advertise with Us

The concept of Taxi Advertising originated in the U.S in the 1990's and today Taxi Advertisng is a growing advertising trend in cities and towns all over Ireland. The price of taxi advertising is very competitive when compared with other forms of outdoor media and as we operate day and night,, your advert will be seen by all your potential customers at times and in places traditionally impossible or too expensive to advertise in

So whatever your aim - product launch, increasing awareness, re-branding or a new campaign - large or small, advertising with Nevin's Taxis can help you achieve it. 

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Pre-Paid Gift Vouchers

Our pre-paid gift vouchers can be purchased by individuals or corporate clients. They are a convenient way to pay for your taxi and make great gifts or rewards for employees.

To contact us for more information on gift vouchers or any of our services